We believe that a good lawyer is a responsible lawyer.

We have developed innovative solutions to legal information challenges which incorporate an online free access to Ethiopian legal information via a popular website called abyssinialaw.com This website is administered and maintained by our Law Office.

Since access to justice begins with access to information, the laws themselves, as well as the cases, and commentary that explain them, we provide:

  • Access to Ethiopian laws with complete information about the law (whether the particular law is amended, repealed or effective) in order to aid the administration of and access to justice, the knowledge and practice of law and the development of jurisprudence.
  • a collection of resources on Ethiopian legal system including Supreme Court decisions, professional blog entries, commentaries, policy documents, A to Z law subjects, and research papers for Ethiopian’s legal profession, students, academics and the public so that users with an interest in the law and Ethiopia may be able to access the Ethiopian legal information they require more quickly.

The service is provided free of charge (online) and premium service via different devices (offline).  We are pleased and honored to provide this access to the legal and non legal communities.

Abyssinia Law is a winner of Free Access to Law (Technology and Innovation Award) and a member to the World Free Access to Legal Movement (FALM)


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  • Our Office has been identified by World Justice Project as trusted and leading institution advancing rule of law in Ethiopia. 

  • Mr. Liku Worku has been appointed as one of the 13 member Advisory Council for Law & Justice Reform. The council is composed of academia, legal practitioners & government representatives constituted on 29 Jun 2018. The council is entrusted with the hefty task of supporting the Federal Attorney General's office in delivering on its law & justice reform promises," here is the link