Welcome to Liku Worku Law Office. Liku Worku Law Office is best known for its contribution to the free access to Ethiopian Laws and Court Decisions. Over the last 8 years we have developed an online free access to Ethiopian Laws and Court Decisions via a popular website called Abyssinia Law. Over the years, we have established numerous capabilities in Ethiopia. Now, we would like to offer our clients a professional legal advice. Our Lawyers have worked diligently to establish representative offices, corporate entities, negotiate joint ventures with Ethiopian businesses, draft license agreements, deal with various Customs, export/import, negotiate and draft acquisition agreements, draft employment contracts, and coordinate with Ethiopia counsel to take advantage of trade, investment, and other treaties between Ethiopia and other countries, to name a few. 

Our practice area includes Company and Commercial Law, Employment/Labor Law, Joint Ventures and Business Formation, Investment Law, Merger and Acquisition, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.


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